STOIK Deformer
STOIK Deformer | 11 MB

STOIK Deformer – a program designed to create fun special effects, surreal scenery and animations of your scanned photos, or ready-made image files in just a few mouse clicks.

STOIK Deformer Features at a Glance
- Still and animated transformations
- Huge library of global effects
- New real-time instruments
- Advanced project composition
- Reusable animation projects
- Interframe transition control
- Smoother effects
- Automatic real-time compression

Animated Avatars in just a few Clicks!
Make a unique animated avatar by applying visual effects to an image. Choose from as many as 23 unique image effects such as Explosions, Collapses, Ripples, Pixel Storm, Waves, and so on to create an avatar like no others.

Surreal Sceneries
STOIK Deformer is not limited to avatars and movie flicks. You can use it for serious artwork, producing stunning surreal landscapes, collages or human pictures. Just browse through the list of special effects to see what STOIK Deformer can do to a picture – in real time!

Faster and Better
The reworked image transformation engine allows STOIK Deformer to apply transformations and produce animations in real time, no matter what kind of special effect you have in mind or how big your source image is.

Produce Still Images, Movies, Flicks or Animated GIFs
STOIK Deformer can produce still images in a variety of formats, make movies in WMV format, or create animated GIF files that can be perfect avatars on blogs, forums and social networks. The avatars produced by Deformer are truly unique – you won’t stumble upon a similar one unless they use Deformer, too!

More Deformation Tools
The upgraded Deformer incorporates a host of new visual transformation tools including the famous real-time plasticity filters such as Explosions, Collapses, Ripples, Pixel Storm, etc. The selection of classic effects is still there, including Whirls, Waves and many others.

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